About Us

MORUL and GermanTELEKEN acoustics research center  cooperated and established the MOROUL& TELEKEN acoustics Laborary on June, 2012. They researched on and promoted wireless audiovisual products together, and shared the deep technological cooperation of  artificial ear, phantom head, wireless transmission, acoustic processing, energy saving and etc. Every product of MORUL is original from MORUL&TELEKEN acoustics Laborary.

After then...

A group of elites researching on acoustics for long time,

A group of technicians with rich experiences in manufacture,

A group of leaders with strict requirements to products,

they are trying to create a professional-grade fever wireless audiovisual technology;
they are manufacturing ultimate wireless products with the pursuit of  perfect;

they are going to international market with products that good in quality and competitive in price, enthusiast consumer demand on technology to service for the global wireless fans!