Common Problems

Bluetooth headset can not be powered on ?
. ①Press the function key for three seconds, then it will turn around ;
. ② Check the Bluetooth  is no electricity and is required for charging ;

How to  charge for the Bluetooth?
. ① Use original charger ;
. ② After inserting the USB port, about two hours can be filled . ;

There is not any sound can be heard from the Bluetooth headset.
. ① Check if the headphone volume is muted ;
. ② Check if the Bluetooth headset is connected to the phone ;
. ③ check if the Bluetooth phone is too far away or there is a spacer and the surrounding interfere from the body ;

How to connect the Bluetooth headset with the computer ?
. ① check whether the computer has a Bluetooth function. If there is no this function, you need to purchase a Bluetooth adapter ;
. ② You must  install a Bluetooth driver in the computer to connect the Bluetooth ;
. ③ For details please go to the official website of the magic wave " Download " to download the relevant detailed steps. ;

There is excessive noise in Bluetooth headset.
. ① view the phone 's noise suppression control ;
. ② confirm if Bluetooth phone is too far away ;
. ③ confirm if there is electromagnetic radiation surrounding environment . ;

Whether the Bluetooth headset can be upgraded ?
. ① Bluetooth headsets with a ROM chip, can not be upgraded ;
. ② MR pro products can be carried out the software upgrades according to actual situation;
. ③ due to improper operation, upgrade may cause product failure . ;

Bluetooth headset signal is instability  intermittently.
. ① Check if the Bluetooth mobile phone signal is normal ;
. ② Check phone compatibility and phone call quality. ;
. ③ Confirm whether the distance is too far away or there is interfere with the surrounding environment . ;
. ④ Do not stay in the reflected signal environment.

 How to connect Bluetooth headset with phone ?
. ① Power on : red and blue lights flash alternately into pairing mode ;
. ② Open the Bluetooth in mobile phone, and search for Bluetooth devices, tap "paired' ;
. ③ If you need to enter a password , enter 1234 or 0000 ;
. ④ NFC-enabled headsets , touch cell phone with Bluetooth headset in NFC NF location.