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MORUL attaches great importance to your trust in our brand . In order to bring you a more satisfying shopping experience , and to better communicate with you expand on our products and services , when you visit our website ( hereinafter referred to as the "Site" ) , we collect certain information.

This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand the type of information we collect when you visit the website , and we use the appropriate information protection measures. This privacy policy only information we pass and MORUL online electronic store , online stores and other collected for

MORUL attaches great importance to protecting your privacy ( eg identification data ) , based on this, MORUL will take concrete policies and security measures to protect your personal data . We hereby inform you that

MORUL does not collect any younger than 18 years of user's personal data . We recommend that users not less than 18 years old to enter their personal data and recommended adult users follow the prescribed procedures .

MORUL  guarantee your personal information will not be registered on our website , disclosed to any units and individuals.

MORUL  is entitled to modify a timely privacy policy . Our privacy policy changes will be posted on our website. Updated privacy policy will be published on our website , you are welcome to inquire regularly change pages.

1 Privacy

We also believe that tells you how we will use your personal information , and lets you choose to use such information on how the data is important . For these reasons , we encourage you to read this Privacy Policy carefully .

This privacy policy is issued and is applicable to all persons visiting the following : People's Republic of China in order to target consumers can access www magic wave website ( including through the magic and the waves . Storage sites or magic waves or other promotional sponsored websites (such as mini- sites or pages on third-party social networking services ) can access any other websites or pages magic waves ) ( collectively, the " site" ) of the Department of copies, including through the login and put your mouse cursor or move to the " electronic mall " or " buy Online " and from under the "e- mall" is displayed in the selected menu online purchase and pick up the magic waves website such parts .

This privacy policy applies only to information we collect through the relevant site information, do not extend to any other sites , including intends to users outside the People's Republic of China and other MORUL set country-specific web pages or regional characteristics . Personal information collected through such sites will be sent directly to be kept in the People's Republic of China 's onshore and offshore servers . Therefore, for the purposes described below, we and your personal information will be transferred to other countries / regions. Legal People's Republic of China shall apply to personal information collected through such websites ( press as defined in paragraph 2.a. ) . If you are a pick up from outside the People's Republic of China as the People's Republic of China and established consumer website , the People's Republic of China laws and the laws of other countries , we may your personal information be transferred Suozhi / region may not provide the degree of equal the laws in your own Country / Region can provide protection.

2 collection and use of information

a. Personal Information

Although the user can remain anonymous when you visit our web site , but about site users to the site voluntarily to the relevant registration or otherwise participate in the site registration , or contact us through the relevant websites when or from relevant websites when purchasing voluntarily provide personally identifiable information , as the case may be, we can still collect personally identifiable information ( "Personal Information" ) . About site users to various reasons and provide personal information, including but not limited to, those reasons in order to achieve communication , product information , activities, events information and services , answer surveys, participate in competitions and receive notice of other promotional opportunities , as well as purchase , as the case may be. Types of personal information we may collect include name, sex, date of birth, address, telephone number , email address and shopping information, for example, to promote product sales MORUL credit or debit card information , as the case may be. We will also provide you with the information to set up a customer profile so that you know your product or activity may be of interest matters and to streamline the process for future purchases , as the case may be. Other information we may collect personal information on our website we collect about users of the Internet in non- merger , so that we can better meet the needs of the development of marketing or website content , or for other purposes , such as internal research investigations.

About how to opt-out allows us to use your personal information for marketing purposes information , please refer to paragraph 6 .

b. Non-Personal Information

When you visited the site, we may collect certain aggregated and non- personal information. Such information with a single identifiable visitor irrelevant . Such information tells us about how many users visited the site and the access to the Web and other matters. Such information will help us develop the collection is to meet the needs of our visitors about the site .

When you visited the site to browse, read or download information , we automatically collect your browser sent a standard computer information for each site you visit , such as your IP address, browser type and language , access times and referring Web site addresses. We do not normally link to the standard computer information will allow us to identify the identity of the user of any matter , but the case in order to enforce compliance with our rules or terms of service or to protect our service, site , users or other persons except . Hereinafter stated , we can through the "cookie files " or " web beacons " to collect aggregated and non-personal information .

Cookies : Cookies are any sites can be migrated to your browser pieces of information , such information will be stored in fragments after your computer system . When visitors return cookies to store these files in a site that will be sent back to the site. Cookies tell us for example whether the user has visited the site and the user or before the first visitors to the site are most interested in what areas . About the site can be stored by cookies allow us to your next visit and save your preferences , so as to enhance your online experience . Our cookies can also be measured in the general activities related to the site, let us know which areas and features the most popular determinable . Such information has enabled us to improve our site . Most web browsers are set to accept cookies . However, you can reset your browser to refuse to accept all cookies or to display the received cookies . If you choose to reject cookies , some features about the site may be weakened.

Web Beacons : Web beacons , also known as " clear GIFs ", " single -pixel GIFs ", " web bugs ", " Internet tags " or " pixel tags " , are on the site or e-mail within a small graphic images , let us or third parties to monitor activity on the relevant website or make cookies more effective. Web beacons allow us or third parties acting on our behalf may be sent by now about whether your e-mail or through our website links to information , as well as collect information about you by visiting our website before and after the visit information , in order to estimate and improve our marketing efficiency. We use log files are stored information data through Web beacons collect .

3 share personal information

In the following paragraphs , and by the following disclosure under paragraphs discussed the subject , we will not disclose any information about you or sell to any party not associated with us, but in the case of the following exceptions:
(i) the disclosure made in accordance with the provisions of the law or legal process , or sell ;
(ii) the disclosure made in accordance with the law enforcement agencies or other government officials require or sell ;
(iii) In order to prevent substantial damage to our rights or property or the rights or property of our users or other persons constituted financial loss or injury or interference ; or in connection with the investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity related to our believed to be necessary or appropriate to disclose ;
(iv) we reasonably believe that you have to use information from relevant websites , in order to make an illegal act or likely to endanger public health and / or safety behaviors ;
(v) We sincerely believe that the legal requirements for such disclosure . We may appoint a third-party service providers on behalf of our management and / or operate certain functions or services , and proper execution of these functions or services may need to migrate the information you submitted . These functions include the management of the site , for example , you deliver the relevant market for our products, services or special events to promote events or other communications , as well as the delivery of your request or the ordered products, if applicable . Any such migration should be subject to confidentiality and security responsibilities , subject to the sole aim should be to perform such functions or services. We may also share your personal information with other third parties to carry out joint marketing and promotion that you may be interested in the products, services or activities matters.

Any personal information shall be subject to the confidentiality and security of migrating liability restrictions for the sole purpose should be to fulfill these obligations . About how to opt-out allows us to use your personal information for marketing purposes information , please refer to paragraph 6 . However, you should note that even if you choose not to accept allow us to use your information for marketing activities, we are still to comply with legal obligations to share certain information with third parties . Example, if you have chosen not to accept from our marketing emails , we may be required to work with us to provide third-party marketing your email address , you choose not to accept to comply with requirements for e-mail .

4 Unsolicited material provided

By about the site , we ask you to provide us with certain types of information , so that we can provide you with a better service . The question we are asking for information and opinions about our products can be included. Please provide the following materials to us , including, but not limited to, business , advertising, creative , marketing or any other kind of suggestions , concepts , expertise, ideas and similar materials ( " Unsolicited offers of material" ) . Everything we received unsolicited materials provided , including any personal information provided unsolicited ( for example, not because of personal information to respond to the specific requirements of personal information in any format and text box provided ) , will be unaffected by this Privacy policy restrictions . You submit any unsolicited materials provided , you agree that we should have about how to use materials such unsolicited offer exclusive discretion , and for this purpose , you automatically provide us with perpetual royalty free Chartered . If any provision of unsolicited material you provide to us by third party copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights protection for MORUL, its parent , subsidiaries and / or associated entity , and its and their respective officers, directors , employees, agents , licensors , representatives and third party providers ( collectively, the " MORUL indemnified person " ) because we use or possession of material arising from unsolicited offer or in relation thereto for any MORUL for any claim or action proposed by indemnity You agree to indemnify for the MORUL indemnify , the MORUL indemnified person to defend , indemnify and make MORUL for people from harm .

5. Protection

Protect your information are our primary concern matters . We will collect information stored on our secure server , and to take reasonable precautions to protect otherwise your personal information . However , we can not guarantee and does not make a statement that we meet or exceed the security level of any particular standard . There was no Internet transmission are absolutely safe or infallible , and no information is stored in the data are no weaknesses . We can not guarantee the security of our Web sites, databases or services , and we can not guarantee that the information you provide when you send us will not be intercepted over the Internet . We take no responsibility for actions of third parties .

6 update your personal information and choose not to accept marketing communications

If you wish to update your personal information, you can pick up your online profile ( such as the existence of the file or the file can access it) and change your input entries . Or, you can call 400-630-3699 to contact us to help you update your personal information. You can borrow or send email to We do not charge by using the link in the e-mail marketing , and choose not to receive marketing emails . Please note that any request it may take six to eight weeks shall take effect . If you choose not to accept not only email , but also all other forms of marketing communications , please contact us by calling 400-630-3699 . Even if you choose not to receive marketing communications, we may still contact you to send important information about the operation or management of your personal files or other non- marketing information to you . Additional information about our site policies , please refer to the Legal Notices .

7 Changes in corporate control

Personal information collected through such sites may be migrated , as any merger, acquisition or sale of a portion of the company's assets , as well as in case of insolvency, bankruptcy or receivership, in these circumstances , personal information will be migrating to another entity.

8 This change privacy policy

We reserve the right , by virtue of our exclusive discretion , to modify, alter or otherwise update this policy and that you agree to be subject to such modifications, alterations or updates constraints. In this page we will publish by the revised date of the revised policy stated in this privacy policy to inform you about significant changes , and if you have already registered with us , we may, by e-mail to your e-mail address on record notify you . Your continued use ( including access , browsing and / or using any of the following interactive features all of ) our Web site constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy and any updates. We encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Policy to keep informed about how we protect the personal information we collect .

9 Your privacy rights

Our customers have the right to request that we may have to disclose contacts for its marketing purposes , or may have no personal contact list to disclose information to third parties for its marketing purposes. Customers can contact us and provide the relevant requirements are sharing personal information and sharing the company's total inventory of personal information . Customers may, by email or by calling 400-630-3699 to electronically issuing this request. We will respond to these requirements provide a list within 30 days .

10 Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about this privacy policy , or if you would like us to update you that we have any information, please contact us in the following ways :

Send e-mail to give us a call , the phone number :86 -755-29708899