Warranty Note: Please keep the security labels and purchasing invoice and show them in warranty service.

Concerned about the MORUL of official micro-channel for the latest product information, wireless-related technical expertise, greater use of knowledge.

How to find security labels?

You can find the security label on the product packaging as shown, scratch coating,                                           You can also query the following ways:

you can see 16 product ID.

Security check Answers (Q & A MORUL security products)

Q: What types of products have this security label ?
A: The Chinese mainland release Bluetooth headset authentic licensed products

Q: Without this security labels, whether or not licensed to buy today on my Bluetooth headset ?
A: Our mainland Bluetooth headset has licensed the product box MORUL of official anti-counterfeiting labels , if not this tab , you purchased the product may be fake.

Q: How can I find security labels ?
A: You can find the security label as shown on the product packaging , opened the surface you can see the 16 product ID .

Q: What are the query method ? Charge it?
A: There are three query methods :
1 ) MORUL of official micro-channel inquiries, such as the query shown above .
2 ) call ( to pay local call charges ) please call 4006602365 Telephone inquiries , follow the voice prompts to check the authenticity .
3 ) SMS query ( send text messages , according to the ordinary SMS fees charged by telecom operators ) edited 0012365 # plus security code sent to 12114 , you can get the query results .

Q: The first time I did not catch the query , whether the query again ?
A: Yes, the system will tell at what time (XXXX XX XX XX day point XX points ) of the Code has been inquired .

Q: When my query , the system tells me the number is invalid, how to do ?
A: 1 ) may be input errors, please re-enter your check back . ( Special note: Please make sure whether it is because the intensity is too large scratch , some digital blur cause recognition errors , characters such as 0,8,9 . )
2 ) according to the number on the security label inquiries, please call 4006602365 security official ,

Q: I bought a security label on the Bluetooth headset has been scratch , whether it has been used ?
A: Please check with merchant.

There are some cases , due to the reasons of packaging , the label may be damaged . You can contact the merchant or you can judge for yourself here: inquiry about, whether this code is genuine. If you have a query had been before this code , the query time will be earlier than the time of your purchase , you can contact with the business. In terms of headphones , please charge after boot , if headset in pairing mode , you can illustrate this headset is new.