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First MORUL Bluetooth headset Warranty policy

Thank you for using MORUL Bluetooth headset, we will provide a comprehensive Warranty Services based on " People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law" promulgated by national authorities , " the country's new Three Guarantees"  . Less if it does not match with the national policy or omissions Office for national Policy shall prevail !

1. from the date of sale within seven days , the host machine listed in the performance of fault , " Product Quality Law of People's Republic of China ," state regulations , consumers can choose to return , replacement or repair ;

2. from the date of sale of the first 8 to 30 days , the host machine 's performance failure occurs state listed in " Product Quality Law of People's Republic of China ", consumers can choose a replacement or repair ;

3. In the time of purchase , complete, correct and true to fill your mobile phone and ask for a valid warranty card purchase invoice safekeeping ;

4. Valid warranty card and invoice is the basic guarantee you "three guarantees" rights. ( Valid warranty card and invoice : Content fill full, true and correct , no alteration marks ) If you lose a valid invoice and three bags of evidence , and can not provide a copy of a valid invoice and three bags of evidence we will buy your product the production of the first 90 days of the start date for your goods or replacement warranty provides free one-year period after the date of service ;

5. The Company 's other product configuration ( eg : manual, warranty card, etc. ) does not assume responsibility for three packs ;

Note: The above "three guarantees" service only valid for products sold in China .

Second, the warranty instructions and principles

1. Your warranty is only valid under normal use . All man-made damage and mobile phone products are one of the following circumstances , not to implement three , but you can carry out the repair charges :

A. beyond the warranty period ;

B. damage caused by human factors , including non- work environment , no damage caused by the use according to the instructions , etc. ;

C. User privately disassemble , self- maintenance, modification , or by non- maintenance of the Company UNPROFOR units ;

D. due to force majeure ( such as floods , fires, earthquakes , lightning, etc. ) damage ;

E. No warranty card and a valid proof of purchase or product model , bar code does not match or altered ;

F. Products natural wear and tear ( such as: housing , accessories , etc. ) ;

G. causes beyond our faults , defects or flaws ;

2. Other:

. a cosmetic damage ( abrasion , scratches , etc. ) will not enjoy the return ;

. b due to network , wireless information service providers ( carriers ) such as caused by the fault is not covered under warranty ;

. c vendors verbal promises over the principle of the warranty card , without providing the service ;

3. comply with replacement product , you can go to the nearest point of my company UNPROFOR replacement, when replacement host is faulty , then the free replacement of the Company with the specifications , the same type of host ; accessories faulty , then the free replacement parts ;

4. for the product in need of repair , you can go to any of our Genius UNPROFOR point network maintenance ;

5. water machine or serious damage to the machine repair man , you need to be first with the MORUL service center maintenance agreement signed on the requester ;

6. All during the warranty period is down for components, parts and accessories belong to the Company .

Third, machine repair and take precautions

1. customers fill out the " MORUL Warranty Card" , please fill out the request , and the writing clear , effective information (name, address , telephone number , symptoms , etc. ) ;

2. Please repair the machine before you , first of all the information and store their own data ( such as: phone numbers, text messages , pictures, etc. ) on their own after the backup deleted to avoid missing the inspection, repair process, damage or leaks . In any case , the MORUL service center and its staff shall not bear for you to backup or restore information and the responsibilities and obligations of data, while not take responsibility for the information and data is lost, damaged , or for any consequences caused by the leak . Please save the legitimacy of your stored information and data. To respect your privacy ( unless necessary for the provision of services ), we will not carry out your information and data transfer, backup or review , but reserves the right to refuse illegal content services ;

3. Patrons machine with "MORUL warranty card ," the user to take joint machine, if the customer accidentally lost due to the "User -linking " , the customer must hold a valid proof of his identity or to report the loss at repair procedures before taking 7 days later machine .